Not Today

*Reposting for #ThrowbackFriday
I’ve just returned from the Austin International Poetry Festival. In an effort to catch up on various poetry prompts in honor of National Poetry Month, I’m reposting this poem. It is one I read in Austin. This prompt comes from Writer’s Digest, prompt for Day 2.

walking in the rain


I won’t set my sight on tomorrow

I won’t wonder if the path not taken

would have led to greener pastures

No, not today


I won’t deny these difficult choices

I won’t hide from dangerous truths

that nip at my bloodied heels

Nope, not today

Today, this moment, this life

offers the bitter aftertaste of fruits

I’ve willingly consumed and now

the pain that racks this broken spirit

reminds me of all I chose to sacrifice

Today I own it, knowing this is the first step

Breathing newness into second chances

and an opportunity to walk in that rain


today I’ll dance in the deluge


photos: The first is a painting I own and the second is from

prompts: Sable Swan Verse, MadQueen, FieryVerse, Writer’s Digest April PAD

10 thoughts on “Not Today

  1. I do intentionally walk “under” the rain….just did 2 days ago….refreshing….kicking the puddles, feeling the sting….a childlike experience never abandoned. No, I will continue to…..

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