Dawning Comprehension

rain lost its sound

although the petrichor lingered

wind overcompensated

moaning with the collective voice of the voiceless

gusty, angry, and wild

they say it begins with a rumor of endings

this storm to end all storms

even the wet street 

illuminated by pear-shaped lanterns

smothered the reflection of a purple moon

with eyes wide-open

I observed the enormity of the moment

soaked to the bone

I raised my arms and laughed  

and became the Sun

Image by Adam from Pixabay 

Prompts: OctPoWriMo Day 17, #FromOneLine, #vss365, #writingandhealing, Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie Wordle 292


  1. What a lovely poem. I really like it. Especially the way it ends with empowering laughter. I’m wondering if you meant a different word in this line or not? “they say it beings with a rumor of endings” Do you mean begins instead of beings? I can’t help it my eyes always notice these things it must be all the years of proofreading students work. Regardless enjoy this beautiful day and keep on shining your light

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